No Curfew

This petition of residents of the State of Queensland objects to the Government’s proposed ‘Lockout Laws’; namely, the proposal of a state-wide 1am lockout, 3am closure policy and banning of certain alcohol after midnight in an attempt to curb anti social behaviour in Queensland.
We are responsible adults and responsible drinkers, and we are the overwhelming majority of the population. We believe that freedom to have a good time with friends and family should not be taken away because of a reckless few.
We believe there are better ways of dealing with alcohol-related violence than punishing law-abiding citizens like us, destroying Queensland hospitality jobs and killing our nightlife culture across Queensland. We prefer adopting a comprehensive approach to change the drinking culture through education and awareness, and supporting an environment in which residents and visitors alike can have a safe night out.
We request the State Government reject the short-sighted ‘Lockout Laws’ proposal. 
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